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Tanga Class In these pages you will find a set of materials you can download, copy, adapt and use if you find yourself having to do some in-service training for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language. (Check the Creative Commons License at the bottom of the page.) I’m making them available after more than 40 years in EFL as teacher, course organiser and teacher trainer. If you want to know more about me, (and you should!), click here.

TEFL A LA CARTE is now available as a spiral-bound book at a cost of £14.50 from Lulu Publications. Click on the Lulu button to order.

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The Approach

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Let me know if you use any of the material and if you find it useful. I would also find it helpful if you could let me know if you find any errors - programming or linguistic - in these pages. Click CONTACT on the top menu to email me.