For each unit there is a Plan, a Commentary and a file of Handouts.

The Plan sets out the sequence of events for the session with suggested timings, references to notes in the Commentary and references to relevant Handouts.

The Commentary is the essential document for each unit, with explanations and comments on the underlying methodology.

The Handouts are contained in a single file from which individual sheets can be printed out as required. Individual handouts can also be viewed on-screen.

The units vary in size, but are mostly designed to last one full day. The timings assume that a day consists of two 90 minute morning sessions with a half-hour break between them, an hour's lunch break and a two-hour afternoon session.

The units are here for you to pick and mix. It is for you to choose relevant topics as well as the order in which to present them, apart from Unit 1, which is designed as an opening session.