Unit 4 Handouts

LESSON PLAN Present Perfect Intro/Review.

  1. Draw a stick figure on the board. (For simplicity, the rest of the lesson plan assumes that it is a male figure. The teacher must decide if it should be male or female.)
  2. Build up a profile of the person by question & answer.
    Teacher to student, whole class.
  • What’s his name?

  • Where does he live?

  • What does he do?/Who does he work for?

  • How long has he worked there?

  • Has he had many jobs?

  • How many has he had?

  • Who has he worked for?

  • Has he passed any exams?

  • When did he pass them?

  • Has he travelled much?

  • Where has he been?

  • Has he worked in other countries?

  • Has he attended any courses or conferences?

  • Has he kept up with developments in his profession/job?

  1. Go through the information again. This time through student-to-student question and answer. Put the following cue words on the board to help the students ask questions about the person:

name/live/work for/many jobs/present job/travelled


  1. The person has applied for a job with ----------- and -----------.
    ( Twocompanies to be suggested by the students.)
    Now he has to attend interviews.
  2. Divide the class into one group of interviewees and the rest into groups of interviewers. There must be the same number of interviewees as there are groups of interviewers. Inform each group of interviewers which company they represent – ideally, two groups for each company
  3. The interviewers prepare questions they are going to ask at the interview and decide who will ask which question. They should consider the companies they are representing and whether they should ask any special questions'
  4. The interviewees think of questions they might be asked by each company and prepare possible answers without writing them down. What information should they give to impress each company?
  5. One interviewee goes to each interviewing group. The interviews take place.
  6. When the teacher decides the interviews have gone on long enough, the interviewees exchange places so that they are interviewed by the other company.
  7. After the second interview, the groups of interviewers representing the same company meet together to consider their candidates. How well did they do? Who will they offer the job to?
  8. The interviewees meet to discuss their interviews. What were the interviews like? Would they accept an offer of a job from either of these companies?
  9. Whole class discussion: any job offers? Any acceptances?
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